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Mass media
are print, radio, television, and other
communication technologies. The word mass
implies that the media reach many people. The
word media signifies that communication does
not take place directly through face-to-face
interaction. (see page 455)
Media imperialism
is the domination of a mass medium by a
single national culture and the undermining
of other national cultures. (see page 471)
Media convergence
is the blending of the World Wide Web,
television, and other communications media
as new, hybrid media forms. (see page 471)
Two-step flow of communication
between mass media and audience members
involves (1) respected people of high status
and independent judgment evaluating
media messages, and (2) other members of
the community being influenced to varying
degrees by these opinion leaders. Because
of the two-step flow of communication,
opinion leaders filter media messages.
(see page 467)
Marshall McLuhan
"The media are extensions of the human body and mind"
"The human body and mind are extensions of the media"
3 causes of Media growth
1. Religion (The protestant Reformation)
2. Democratic Movements- political
3. Capitalist industrialization (economic)
Functionalist view of Media:
Societies size & complexity => New means to coordinate society.
"Media facilitates our imagine communities of "Canadians"
What are some other forms of media?
Social control
What core societal values does media support?
1. Democracy
2. Capitalism
3. Consumerism

Functionalist view: "Societal values good for all"
Conflict view: "societal values" favour interests of the rich and powerful