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normative model

what's statistically normal is actually normal

Jenkens and Ward Paradigm

press button and light turns on (not necessarily due to pressing button) People overestimate their control over the light! (illusion of control)

self-deception enhancement

unrealistically attribute positive characteristics to themselves (positively correlated to well being

self-deception denial

deny that they have negative characteristics (uncorrelated to well-being)

psychological health

subjective state of happiness/well-being, capacity to maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships, ability to engage in productive and meaningful work, ability to grow and cope with life's challenges

steps of recovery

1. restore positive sense of self-worth

2. reasserting control over one's life

3. finding meaning in the experience

4. reclaiming an optimistic view of the future

problem-focused coping

taking active steps to figure out how to cope with stress, effort given towards solving the problem

emotion-focused coping

attempt to reduce stress experiences (ex: get drunk) better in short term, but not long term!


evolved solutions to problems posed to an animal

what women want in a mate

economic capacity, social status, age (older man!) ambition, dependability and stability, intelligence, compatibility, size and strength, good health

top three predictors for men and women in picking a mate

love, kindness and emotional stability

what men want in a mate

youth, physical beauty, body shape

level 1 cognition

unconscious cognition

level 2 cognition

conscious cognition

verbatim encoding

seeks to encode exactly what happened during a certain event

fuzzy-trace throey

posits that the unconscious also tries to derive a gist, an imprecise rendering of an event that can be pulled out and applied to a similar situation


state of wisdom that emerges from conversation between level 1 and level 2

fairness/reciprocity concern

involves issues of equal and unequal treatment

harm/care concern

empathy and concern for the suffering of others

purity/disgust concern

repels us from noxious situations/ people

in-group/loyalty concern

humans feel loyalty to people in the same group as them