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How many work processes are there?
There are 6 work processes in a SAP system.

A work processes is used to execute a particular type of job in an sap system.

There are different types of work processes as mentioned below :

1. DIA (Dialog work process)
2. UPD (Update work process)
3. BTC (Background work process)
4. SPO (Spool work process)
5. UP2 (Update2 work process)
6. ENQ (Enqueue work process)
What does the DIA (Dialog work process) do?
Used for execution of dialog steps triggered by active users.

For every dispatcher at least 2 dialog work processes should be configured
What does the UPD (Update work process) do
Used for execution of update tasks.

At least one update work process to be configured per SAP system.

Also, more than one UPD can be configured for a dispatcher
What does BTC (Background work process) do?
Used for executing background jobs.

At least 2 background work processes to be configured for an SAP system
What does SPO (Spool work process) do?
Used for passing sequential data to printers.

At least one spool work process to be configured for an sap system.
What does UP2 (Update2 work process) do?
This is similar to UPD work process.

There is small difference in functionality based on criticality of the update.
What does ENQ (Enqueue work process) do?
This is required to administer lock table in the shared memory.

Lock table contains database locks for ABAP stack of an sap system.

Only one enqueue process to be configured for an SAP system.
How to change the number of work processes?
To increase/decrease the number of work processes, value to be changed accordingly for the following parameters as per work process in RZ10 Transaction.

rdisp/wp_no_dia (for dialog work process)
rdisp/wp_no_btc ( for background work process)
rdisp/wp_no_spo (for spool work process)
rdisp/wp_no_enq (for enqueue work process)
rdisp/wp_no_vb (for update work process)
rdisp/wp_no_vb2 (for update2 work process)

In RZ10 transaction, select the profile of the instance, for which work process number to be changed and edit the profile through extended maintenance and save the changes done and activate the profile.

Please note that as this parameter is not dynamic one, restart of the application server is required for the changes to become effective.