Sap Research Paper

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The accounting process has evolved over thousands of years. A great influence on recent changes in the processes of accounting is computer systems. Computer systems have led to significant changes in many of the data management and information system functions of accounting. They provide a way for accountants to access multiple functions from a single system interface. Newly developed software provides a database that houses all information necessary for any business operation and allows integration of all departments in a company. The simplicity of such software does not only make accountants’ jobs easier; it also improves the efficiency of the accounting processes. Over the past decade, organizations all over the world have adopted enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Yet, there has been little research regarding the accounting benefits of implementing enterprise systems. The purpose of this research paper is to explain how accounting information systems, specifically SAP’s ERP software, benefit the accounting practice.
Accounting Data/Information Systems
Economic and technological changes, especially the developments in information technologies, have significantly changed work environments and the management of businesses. The accounting practice is not immune to these changes. Accounting task are an essential part of a company’s day-to-day business operations. Accounting departments are constantly processing data from other departments in the organization in order to
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SAP is an acronym that stands for system, applications, and products in data processing. SAP is the pioneer in enterprise systems. It was the first company to build a packaged enterprise system. A packaged enterprise system is a single piece of software that is used by many companies. Prior to packaged enterprise systems, software developers had to create customized software for every company, which was prohibitively expensive (William Stewart Thomas,

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