Heatway Case Study Solution

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Question 1:
The implement of PTP is radical and imminent for company’s’ survival by keeping it up to date with current market operatives. Proposal to Process is a process which significantly improves office productivity with a keen focus on customer logging and feedback. Heatway suffering from high expenses is keen to highlight an alarming state of company financial crunch, where it takes 56 days and $12000 just to conduct and analysis on the state current production capacity. The PTP helps to reduce costs by a significant $2000 and cut 10 days on analysis. The two teams worked coherently in identifying the root cause of such delay. This helped strengthen the implementation of PTP. PTP helps by put things into perspective. Starting with the
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There are often barriers encountered throughout the transition. Barriers/Implications faced by Heatway are primarily categorized under two key elements. Cost of implementation of the new PTP and SAP. Coming to the cost analysis of implementation of the new processes. We see a well calculated figure of $150 Million for inducting the process into the current system and transpiring it to the new level of production efficiency (Nile & Gaberson, 2008). SAP installation is a rough time consuming process at start where it requires 3000 installations processes to go through to achieve a fully functional information system. SAP compliments the addition of new information technologies into the current system. SAP helps in delivering a transparent, hassle free interface to the users for drafting out required data easily. SAP focuses on delivering a unified system from the point of customer order placement up to the point of customer satisfaction/feedback. The system will enhance work efficiency and focus on the key elements of progressing the business to new heights. After collecting enough funds for installation of SAP which will take around roughly three years to reach optimum functionality. Of course with induction of a new all-around system, you require the hiring of certified professionals and training them along the required line of work (Mathew & Jacob 2003). The cost calculated had tripped Hemphill’s a bit, but it hasn’t been able to …show more content…
Regarding the case provided, conducting analysis proved to a point PTP is imminent for company’s survival. Hence it can never be a failure. The reports crafted after a very thorough analysis highlighted the importance of transforming the current state of Heatway to the future vision catered by the future team earlier. The thorough analysis delivered a report of the current system, the problems it’s had, the solution time it would to resolve problems one at a time. This would reward with a rise in expenses for trying to fix the current system, but the key point here is the integration of newer information technology to help support the processes conducted at Heatway (Gabriel & Hitman, 2006 p.95). SAP is a tool used by many companies to stay up to date with the every changing dynamic environment. SAP helps to remove bureaucracy and promote a more pro-active work environment. It helps to remove any barriers created by the existing system being used by Heatway which is nothing but time consuming and irrelevant in the modern era. After convincing the board in installation of SAP, we will move onto the benefits of assigning professionals to newly crafted positions in the system thanks to SAP. It will help to breakdown work into smaller bits which will be easier to complete and less time consuming. As far as success and failure are concerned. We have already designed a strategic plan

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