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Index Server

Contains the actual data stores and the engines for processing the data

XS Server

Web application server inside the SAP HANA system. Allows clients to access HANA via HTTP.

Name Server

Owns the information about the topology of an SAP HANA system. It knows where components are running and which data is located on which server.

Extended Store Server

Provides a high-performance disk-based column store for very big data up to the petabyte range. Less frequently accessed data not in main memory can be put into the extended store.

Data Provisioning Server

Part of EIM in SAP HANA. Provides data provisioning in real time and batch mode, real-time data transformations, data quality functions, adapters for various types of remote sources, and an adapter SDK for developing additional adapters.

Streaming Cluster

Part of the smart data streaming (SDS) and extends the capabilities of SAP Event Stream Processor for consuming data streams and complex event processing.

Connection and Session Management

Part of the index server. Creates and manages sessions and connections for the database clients.

Authentication Component

Part of the index server. Invoked when a new connection is established with the HANA system.

Authorization Manager

Part of the index server. Invoked by other components of the system to check whether the user has the required privileges to execute the requested operations.

Transaction Manager

Part of the index server. The component that coordinates transactions, controls, transactional isolation, and keeps track of running and closed transactions.