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I HAVE... a glass lens maker
WHO HAS....What is white light?
I HAVE....the light we see
WHO HAS....How does light travel?
I HAVE....travels in waves
WHO HAS....Does light travel faster or slower than sound?
I HAVE....light travels faster than sound
WHO HAS....How long does it take for light to travel from the sun to Earth?
I takes less than 8 1/2 minutes
WHO HAS....How do light waves travel differently than sound waves?
I HAVE.... light waves travel in a straight path called a ray
WHO HAS....What is white light made of?
I HAVE....a combination of several different wavelengths of light traveling together
WHO HAS....Does a light wave curve around corners like a sound wave?
I, a light wave travels in a straight path
WHO HAS....The definition for diffraction?
I HAVE....diffraction is the bending of light around a barrier or through an opening
WHO HAS....How do we see diffraction?
I is seen as the "fuzziness" around shadows
WHO HAS....The definition for reflection?
I HAVE....the bouncing of light off of a surface
WHO HAS....The definition of refraction?
I is the bending of light as it passes from one material into another
WHO HAS....The definition for transmission?
I is light passing through an object
WHO HAS....The definition for absorption?
I is a small amount of light being taken in to the object it is passing through as heat energy
WHO HAS....What can light do as it travels in a straight path and hits an object?
I HAVE....light can reflect, refract, transmit, or be absorbed
WHO HAS....What instrument can be used to refract white light?
I HAVE....A prism
WHO HAS....What happens to white light as it travels through a prism?
I HAVE.....different wavelengths are bent at different angles and are separated into the visible spectrum
WHO HAS....What are the colors of the visible spectrum?
I, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
WHO HAS....Do the colors of the visible spectrum have the same wavelengths and travel at the same speed?
I, colors of the visible spectrum have different wavelengths and travel at different speeds
WHO HAS....Why should you not wear dark-colored clothing on a sunny summer day?
I HAVE....these dark-colored objects absorb lots of light as heat energy and become hot
WHO HAS....Why should you wear light-colored clothing on a sunny summer day?
I HAVE....these colored objects reflect more light waves than they absorb and allow you to remain cool
WHO HAS....The definition for transparent?
I HAVE....letting light through,objects can be clearly seen through this type of material
WHO HAS....The definition for translucent?
I letting light through but scattering it, objects cannot be clearly seen through this type of material
WHO HAS....The definition for opaque?
I HAVE.....this material does not let light through
WHO HAS....Is a window glass transparent, translucent, or opaque?
I HAVE....transparent
WHO HAS....Is wax paper transparent, translucent, or opaque?
I HAVE....translucent
WHO HAS....Are wood and iron transparent, translucent, or opaque?
I HAVE....flashlights, lenses, prisms, kaleidoscopes, cameras, eyeglasses, refracting and reflecting telescopes, binoculars, microscopes, light boxes, spectroscopes, & mirrors use light
WHO HAS....How does light affect a camera?
I is able to record images because the film is sensitive to light energy
WHO HAS....What is a wave?
I is a disturbance that moves away from it starting point
WHO HAS....Can light waves travel through a vacuum such as space?
I HAVE.....yes, light waves can travel through a space with no air
WHO HAS...The definition for wavelength?
I HAVE....the distance from one crest of the wave to the next crest
WHO HAS....Which color of the visible spectrum has the shortest wavelength?
WHO HAS....Which color of the visible spectrum has the longest wavelength?
WHO HAS...The definition for frequency?
I is the number of waves produced each second
WHO HAS....What is the speed of light?
I HAVE....300,000 kilometers per second or 186,000 miles per second
WHO HAS....What is the difference between a concave mirror and a convex mirror?
I HAVE....concave mirrors curve inward at the middle, and a convex mirror curve outward at the middle
WHO HAS....Is a shaving or sometimes called a make-up mirror convex or concave?
I HAVE....concave
WHO HAS....Are the side-view mirrors on cars and trucks convex or concave mirrors?
I HAVE.... convex
WHO HAS....When sunlight passes through a prism, what do we call the collection of colors?
I HAVE....the visible spectrum
WHO HAS....Is a lens transparent, translucent, or opaque?
I HAVE.... transparent lens
WHO HAS....When objects create a shadow, are these objects allowing light to travel through or are they blocking the light?
I HAVE....the objects are blocking the light
WHO HAS....Which color of clothing absorbs the most light rays or heat energy?
I in color
WHO HAS....Why does a blue shirt appear blue?
I appears blue because it absorbs all colors of light and reflects blue
WHO HAS....Which of the following celestial bodies are seen because of reflected light?
I HAVE....the moon is seen because of reflected light. The stars and the sun send out light waves.
WHO HAS....What tool would you use to study samples of creek water in order to see organisms?
I HAVE....a microscope
WHO HAS....What happens to light that is shone directly at a mirror?
I HAVE....the light rays will be reflected back to the person holding the light
WHO HAS....Who used the first optical instrument, the telescope, to study the sky?
I HAVE....Galileo
WHO HAS....What was Anton van Leewenhoek's job that helped him with using the first simple microscope?
(end Westgate 5th grade unit on Light)
I HAVE....opaque
WHO HAS....Are shadows created with transparent, translucent, or opaque objects?
I HAVE....created with opaque objects since light will not pass through these objects
WHO HAS.... What are some tools that use the ability of light to reflect, refract, or transmit?