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1. What can magnets do?
1. Magnets can push and pull and pick up things without touching.
2. When a magnet attracts an object, what does it do?
2. The magnet pulls the object
3. When a magnet repels an object, what does it do?
3. The magnet pushes the object away
4. Can a magnet move a metal object?
4. yes
5. Can a magnet push an object that is not metal?
5. yes
6. What is metal?
6. An object that can be moved by a magnet.
7. Name some magnets found/used at home
7. refrigerator magnets, can opener magnets, magnets in screwdrivers
8. Name some magnets found/used at school.
8. magnet center, magnetic letters, magnetic numbers, chalk board magnets