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Angela believes that people from Stovenia are basically dishonest. Angels is demonstrating.


The matching hypothesis predicts that Sandra will look for a partner who

is similar to her in physical attractiveness

The tendency to adjust one's behavior to actual or perceived social pressures is called


Personal identity is to _____ as social identity is to _____

Individual identity; group identity

A judgement of either liking or disliking something or someone is an


When John and Mary go on their first date, John revels extensive personal information to Mary. What is the likely result of John's self-disclosure?

It will lead Mary to form a negative first impression of John.

Making friends with neighbors supports which influence of attraction?


When people explain their own behavior by making a situational attraction and the behavior of others by making a dispositional attribution is called

the actor - observer effect

Similarity is important in a relationship because it

Provides for validation of each person's self-concept

In Sternberg's model of love, the desire to maintain the relationship through good times and bad times is called


According to _______, people are more likely to carefully evaluate a persuasive message when their motivational state is high and when they have the ability or knowledge to evaluate the information.

the elaboration likelihood model

In groupthink, group members emphasize ______ over thoughtful consideration of the issues

consensus - building

The stated task in the Asch study of conformity involved

judging the length of lines

Sven believes that his co-worker was promoted to manager because of her hard effort and winning personality. What type of attribution has Sven made?


A ______ is a mental image or representation that a person uses to understand her/his social environment.

social schema

The contact hypothesis suggests that prejudice
can be reduced by bringing groups into contact with each other.
Paul believes his mother yelled at him because she had a headache. Paul's conclusion is an example of a(n)


When people make dispositional attributions for their successes and make situational attributions for their failures, they are demonstrating
a self-serving bias.
Compared to people of higher intelligence, people of lower intelligence are generally
easier to persuade.
Which of the following is the best definition of obedience?
Compliance with the commands of authority figures