Conformity In The Elevator Experiment Essay

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PSYC 1001B: Introduction To Psychology
Individual Report
Leung Sin Hang Charlotte (3035197369)
Tutor: Jessica
Tutorial Group: Thurs 16:30-17:20 (Group A)

Mini-project 3 – Conformity in the Elevator

Project Summary
Conformity is defined as an act of yield to group pressure (Crutchfield, 1955). In simple wordings, it is the social influence of the majority group on one’s belief and value. It is often observed that a person will tend to comply to the “social norms” no matter one agree with it or not. In order to explore more on the effect of group pressure on human’s decision-making process, experiment is carried out to evaluate the reasons behind the phenomenon. An elevator experiment was held in a shopping mall next to the University of
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A total of 20 participants were observed and recorded. Among the participants, 9 of them, occupying 45% of the total number of participants, have suspiciously looked at the experimenters as they turned around and faced inward in the elevator. Only 3 out of the 20 people (15%) did make a half turn and follow what the majority did. While the rest of the participants either make no notice on the experimenters or have no reaction after seeing what the researchers have done. The statistics lead experimenters to question about the original hypothesis on whether group pressure does weigh over the personal judgement which base on one’s intrinsic belief. The focus of the report will not be limited on the reasons causing the obtained results that echoes with the experiment’s hypothesis; the deviated data that we have recorded is another important point to be examined in the later part of the …show more content…
In hope of obtaining a more clear and accurate result, the atmosphere of having participants to be surrounded by the majority is vital. Hence, with more people helping, the influence on the naïve participants will be less ambiguous yet clearer. Secondly, a shopping mall that is not attached to any housing estate is suggested. While the participants will not be that familiar to the settings of the elevator, there will also be a wider spectrum of participant source and hence results in an increase in the representativeness of the experiment.

Conformity is particularly essential for our social order and promotion of positive ideologies in the society, while it does also bear the risk of perpetuating prejudice and discrimination. Experiments should be encouraged to be carried out for scholars to find out more about such a special pattern of human beings and hence improving our current society with the support of accurate figures and psychology

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