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to scroll in the I/O setup window what keys do you use?
page up, page down--scrolls up down
option + page up/page down---scrolls left right
to maximize mixer and dsp resources its best to do what in the i/o setup window?
create mono sub paths for outputs and busses, rather than to create mono main paths
how do you audition regions in the regions list through all channels of the main audition path
shift option click
where can you find AMS and MSS, what do they stand for?
setup > midi > midi studio. AMS-audio midi setup. MSS-midi studio setup
how do you display the I/O view in the edit window?
view>edit window>I/O
how do you hide columns in the edit window?
option click on them
what are the two mix window views and how to access them?
narrow view and normal view. go View>narrow mix.
or command option M
where do you go to set the number of RTAS processors?
setup>playback engine
cache size determines ?
the amount of memory DAE allocates to pre buffer audio for playback and looping when using elastic audio.
with no session open where do you go to change the sample rate?
where do you go to change your clock source?
whats the key command to create a new pro tools session?
command N
to play a Quicktime DV through firewire where do you go?
options>video out firewire
How many digibase browsers are there and what are they?
there are 4. workspace, volume, project, catalog
how do you open the workspace browser?
option +; or window>workspace
how do you enable loop preview from the workspace browser?
select loop preview from the browser menu or right click the preview button and select loop preview from the pop up menu
how do you manually copy files on import?
option drag and drop it like its hott
where do you go to automatically copy files on import?
setup>preferences>processing tab
does spot mode need to be enabled when importing video?
No no no no Nooooooo
pro tools can import two different REX file formats, which are???
.rex and .rx2
how do you change the settings for importing REX files?
setup>preferences>processing tab
pro tools allows you to import files in what region group file format?
how do you import midi?
file>import>midi or
command option I
how do you import video?
or command option shift I
how do you import region groups?
file>import>region groups