Nd Process Essay

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According to Kenneth A. Crow (2001), these PM tools and techniques provide the following functions:
- Document the NPD process in the form of stages/phases, gates, responsibilities, process flows, activities and deliverables
- Organise process management (schedules, process activities and deliverables)
- Plan and supervise a project portfolio
- Process task and deliverable status can be shared with PM systems
- Provide access control to documents and files
- Provide a cooperation platform for threaded discussions, activities and documents
- Provide control and an complete rundown of projects and their status
- Provide models for deliverable documents
- Serve as a deposit record for business deliverables/documents (on contrary to product data which is better managed with a product data management system)
- Support management with resource planning and analysis of flow
- Share project documents across the team members of the company and other authorized personnel
- Support a phase-gate process with tracking gate and phases progress and unsettling gate review documents to reviewers for agreement
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Moreover all the people involved in the project have to communicate to each other, as a consequence a project hub can be installed in the intranet of the Morgan Motor Company and plan team meeting to ensure the communication. A team will be in charge to develop a risk management plan. Resources have to be found. Moreover a Gantt diagram can be produced to visualise the tasks that will need to be completed to carry out the project and to specify the time it will take to fulfil each task. Then leaning on the Gantt diagram and using MS Project (a project management software for task scheduling) it will be possible to assign the resources (materials, human and financial). Once the planning has been finalised, a review and an approval of the team is

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