3D Animation Production Workflow

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3D Animation production workflow
In a 3D Animation production workflow, there are three main phases of production. They are:
• Pre-Production
• Production
• Post-Production
In the pre-production phase, we do all the planning and preparation for the animation. We need to determine what or how we want our end product to look like. We need to do brainstorming and mind-map down all the ideas. Some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves during this brainstorming session are:
• What is the ideal length of the animation?
What is this animation for? (Commercial, show reels, movie trailer etc)
• What is the overall style of the animation? (cartoony, realistic, etc)
Is it a realistic or a cartoony style?
• Will there be
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Few examples are Cinema 4D, 3D MAX and Maya. For complex objects like characters, we can import reference images into the 3D space and use these images as a guide to model the object to their correct scale and proportion. For less complex objects, we can just use the basic object shapes available or the different kind of spline tool and adjust the points/edge/polygons respectively. A few other tools also available are subdivision surface (we can use to round up regular cube shapes) and deformer tools like bending, twisting, shearing, etc.
Once all the modelling for objects, characters, and environment is completed, we can add in appropriate materials and textures created in the same software to enhance the models. There are pre-set materials in the library file or you can create the material yourself by changing the colours/bump levels etc or adding a jpeg file.
Rigging / Animation
After we have the completely textured models, we can begin to rig and animate the models. Rigging is the process of assigning joints to specific part of the object to make it move. Once the character is rigged. We can animate the character(s) according to the
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Sometimes during the period when we revisit our work, we might realise that certain things like models that we modelled, shots taken, lightings added, etc are either redundant or missing or insufficient.
Sonic Fire Pro
Sonic Fire Pro is a music or soundtrack software. It is often used by animation production team to search for suitable background music or sound effects to apply into their animation work,
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere pro is a timeline based video editing software that support video editing graphic design and web development programs. It is often used for combining and editing all the rendered work together. Premiere Pro allows us to:
• Import video, audio and graphics I variety of formats
• Edit, manipulate and arrange the imported files in a visual timeline
 Edit the length of the animation ( there might be certain rendered parts that are too long or too short )
 Edit the length of the animation ( there might be certain rendered parts that are too long or too short )
 Cut/trim off framings (there might be unnecessary parts or bad shots that need to be removed)
• Add effects, filters, titles, credits, etc
 Transitions can be added in between scenes of the animation to create smooth/ comfortable visual

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