Assignment 1 True/False Questions: Database Development

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Answer the true-or-false questions on the next page by filling out the answer sheet.

Required Resources

Submission Requirements
Submit your completed answer sheet to your instructor at the beginning of Unit 8.

Unit 7 True/False Questions
Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet. 1) A scalar function operates on one row at a time. 2) An aggregate function works on multiple rows a time. 3) Whenever you have an aggregate function in a query criteria, you must use the HAVING keyword. 4) Any column in a SELECT that contains an aggregate function, but that is not a part of the aggregate function, must be addressed in a GROUP BY clause. 5) An inner join returns all the records in the joined tables. 6) There is no error of the following SQL statement:
SELECT CustomerCity, Count (CustomerKey)
FROM Customer 7) There is no error of the following SQL statement:
SELECT CustomerCity, Count (CustomerKey)
FROM Customer
GROUP BY CustomerCity
WHERE Count(CustomerCity) > 20 8) The following SQL statement would change every customers' last name to
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Project Logistics
You will begin and complete this project during your Unit 10 lab time. The steps for completing this project are provided in your Lab Manual for Database Concepts, starting on page 51 with a refresher of the critical concepts for review and continuing through page 64 with the final submission.

Prepare for this project by reviewing the prior units’ lab assignments and the prior units’ material covering the course objectives and learning outcomes.

You will submit an MS Word document with the answers to the three questions integrated within the project at key points. Questions 1 and 2 are on p. 62 and Question 3 is on p. 63 of the lab manual. This MS Word document will be named nn_Projectanswers.doc, where “nn” is changed to your initials.
You also will submit eight screen shots of specific steps within the project, along with your MS Word document described above. These screen shots should each be a separate file. Include your initials at the beginning of the file name for each screen shot. Details of naming your screen shots are provided within that specific step of the project, Project_#, and the screen shots will be taken at the following

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