Quality Management In The Construction Industry

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Quality is regarded as one of the most critical factors needed to ensure the success of construction projects. Quality of construction projects, as well as project success, can be regarded as the full filament of expectations (i.e. the satisfaction) of the project participants. Quality management has played a role in the transition from reacting to the outcome of site production activities to become a strategic business function accounting for the raison d’être (reason of being) of construction companies (Harris, McCaffer and Edum-Fotwe, 2013 p.7).
The author does however go on to mention that in order to be competitive and to sustain good business prospects, construction companies need a more strategic orientation for the quality systems they
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Monitoring specific project result to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate cause of unsatisfied performance Contract documents comprise a clear, complete, and accurate description of the facility to be constructed, correctly conveying the intent of the owner regarding the characteristics of the facility needed to serve his or her purposes.
The contract documents define a constructed facility considered acceptable under the applicable regulatory codes and standards of professional practice, in terms of its reliability, the ease with which maintenance and repairs can be performed, the durability of its materials and operating systems, and the life safety provided to its users. The facility is constructed in accordance with those documents.

Inputs Work results, quality management plan, Operational definitions, checklists
Tools Inspection, Control charts, Pareto diagrams, Statistical sampling, flowcharting, Trend analysis
Outputs Quality improvement, Acceptance decisions, rework, Completed checklist Process

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