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Interpersonal communication exists at every level of any organization but most prevalent in A. Midmanagment, B. Operation, C. Upper management or D. All the above?

Operation level

More and miller stated communication is at the very lease the "lifeblood" of organization because A. It is the Process that ties whole organization together, B. It is the Resource in in constant use and abuse or C. You can't avoid it?

Process ties the whole organization together

One study showed first line supervisors they spend the least amount of their communication time communicating with _

Other supervisors

The sender of information who determines relevance and importance of information is _


Because of A. gatekeeping, B. channeling or C. operational autonomy, the first line supervisor is in position of controlling amount and nature of information that enters information center?

Operational autonomy

First line supervisor must be concerned about (A. context, B. content, C. verbal message or D.nonverbal message) as it proves it can be more meaningful than (E. context, F. content, G. verbal message or H. nonverbal message)?

A.Context, F. content

According to More and Miller, first line supervisors spend 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75% of their communication time communicating with their employees.


Two way communication requires A. less or B. more planning due to C. it having so many variables or D. it allows opportunity for feedback and ability to clarify issues?

A. Less planning

D. allows opportunity for feedback and ability to clarify issues

A supervisor must convey to each employee that A. There is no room for flexibility in decisions based on employee's opinions or B. He/ she is willing to accept a certain degree of risks because the awards outweigh the errors?

There is no room for flexibility in decisions based on employee's opinions or

Body language includes which of the following:



Body tension

Eye contact



Facial expressions



Facial expressions

Eye contact


A supervisor can only obtain sound feedback when there is a reason for officers to dispel_ and _ that impeded two way communication.



A supportive relationship is one in which A. Chief executive officer, B. Community, C. Other supervisors or D. Subordinate is allowed to influence the supervisor.


A form of nonverbal communication where the message can be delivered via voice volume, tone, pitch and/ or inflection?