Importance Of Communication In An Organization

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Communication in an organization can be both formal and informal. Information can be passed vertically or laterally across the organization to communicate official information between management and employees and information between employees. Today organizations have many ways to communicate as opposed to face-to-face communication years ago. Few forms of communication in an organization are emails, have meetings in a conference room or video conference or teleconference, phones, memos, instant messaging, speeches, announcements on the company’s intranet.
For any organization to be effective communication is very important. Information must be passed to the right department or individual at the right time. Effective communication improves
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In downward type of communication information flows from upper level to a lower level. This type of communication is used by managers and upper management to pass on important information about any change in policies and procedures, any issues that require immediate attention, assign jobs and provide instructions or offer feedback on performances. In my organization downward communication comes in the form of announcements on the company’s intranet or the CEO will send out a email to all staff to announce important updates. These updates usually are about any policy changes that can affect the company as a whole. Emails are also sent out by the CEO or other senior leadership when recruitment to important position is undertaken. We also have company all staff meetings which are held every quarter where the CEO goes over the financial conditions and other progress made by the company. Each department heads will go over the progress made by their respective areas making sure all employees are up to date with the happenings in the company. I guess this type of communication by my organization is a very good trend and they also have live online webinars for employees working from …show more content…
In my organization we have one on ones every month where the team leader meets with individuals to discuss their progress, issues and concerns. Also the company holds employee survey every year to get feedback from employees about their team leaders, managers and upper management.
Lateral communications takes place among members of the same team or work groups at the same level. In my team we have team meeting every week to discuss any changes in policy and procedures. Since I am in the Medicare department and Medicare updates their policy and regulations every now and then, it is very important all team members are updated. We get email updates or memos. In my opinion lateral communication in an organization is very important as it saves time and facilitates

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