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A company officer plays a major role in:
building teamwork
To build an effective work environment, the company officer should
recognize good work
The employee developement style that is usually done before the fact to assist the employees in improving their skills in knowledge and ability is
When delegating a task to a subordinate, an officer has to ensure that the
assigned firefighte is caable of doing the job
To grant to another a part of one's authority or power is the description of
Company officers who utilize effective delegation
provide an empowerment tool to their subordinates
Having a senior firefighter assigned to a new recruit for purposes of skill improvement and position advancement is an example of:
Statements of measurable outcomes used to accomplish a goal are called
A long term, measureable target to achieve is called a:
The company officer should delegate only the ___ ___ of responsibility and authorty to achieve a ___ __ ___
appropriate amount
sense of ownership
The processes of directing, overseeing, and controlling the activities of other individuals.
The administration and control of projects, programs, situations, or organizations.
Act of controlling, directing, conducting, guiding and administering through the use of personal behavioral traits that motivate employees
The span of control is from __ to ___. The preferred number is ___
A ____ is anyone who is responsible for the activities of one or more subordinate.
The efficient assignment of subordinates to a supervisor is referred to as
span of control
3 levels of priority in emergency services are
emergency response
preparation for emergency response
organizational duties
Preparation activities to meet priorities in emergency services are:
Mental preparation for emergency response
Direct preparation for emergency response
Application of efficient organizational skills
Actions taken by supervisor when problem arises suddenly need to be:
corrective, progressive and lawful
Short range objectives are based on the
long range goals of the organization
Objectives should be:
clearly stated
within capability of the unit
3 methods to involve the employees in the process of establishing goals and objectives:
Simply required the employee to accomplish a specific task
Delegate tasks and allow employee to select method for accomplishing task
Use democratic leadership principles and give employees opportunity to establish goals and objectives.
___ are usually composed of three or more people and assigned to a vehicle
Groupings of people with the common purpose of completing specific objectives within the organization
Process of overcoming inherent individual differences within the unit
Team building
5 development stages from disjointed individuals to a cohesive team
Forming: leader outlines the process and establishing the group structure
Storming: leader is supportive in this stage and actively listen to members. goal is to reduce amount of time spent in this stage.
Norming: group establishes its own set of norms and values
Performing: group move toward accomplishing its objectives. the group is a true team at this point.
Adjourning: the termination of the group task. opportunity to debrief group members
6 ways to create job interest within the a unit
Providing rewards
Celebrating accomplishments
Way to create job interest that is a form of delegation that allows subordinates to take responsibility for their actions and decisions:
Empowering employees
Way to create job interest that involves an informal process of giving motivational direction, positive reinforcement and constructive feedback to employees in order to maintain and improve their performances
Way to create job interest that involves a formal process of assisting participants in identifying and resolving personal, behavioral, or career problems that are adversely affecting performance.
Way to create job interest that involves preparing capable individuals for advancement within the organization through the direction of a positive role model