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What is the crisis intervention approach?
The patient or client seeks help only when unable to manage alone.
What is the health mantenance or preventative health system approach?
Promotes well-being and avoiding the need for medical intervention. Good nutrition, exercise and promotes self-care that avoids bad health habits.
What is Medicare?
federal medical insurance program for those over 65
what is Medicaid?
federal program for the medically indigent
Between Health Maintenance Organizations, Urgent Care Clinics. Outpatient Surgery Centers, Physicians Offices, and various other patient care orientated facilities, which is the most important factor im the medical community?
the patient
Differentiate between the referring physician and the attending physician.
referring- can act as the attendign upon admission, however, does direct the patient to the hospital

attending-responsible for patient's needs and prescribing procedures to promote/restore health.
Differentiate between diagnostic and therapeutic departments.
Diagnostic relates identification of patient problems/ pathology.

Therapeutic is devoted to treatment of pathology.
Which medical staff memeber plays a role in establishing standards of care and technical quality within the imaging department?
the radiologist
Referring to the medical imaging department chart who is respnsible for establishing policies and budgets?
radiology manager and director of diagnostic services
Referring to the medical imaging department chart who is responsible for day to day operations?
chief radiographer
Referring to the medical imaging department chart who is responsible for Standards of Care?
radiologists establish stands are care and technical quality
Who suffers if the professionals do not place high value on their service?
the client (patient) and the community
What are some of a profession's responsibilities to govern it?
set standards of professional behavior. education, qualification to practice and to enforce those standards.

maintain a peer review journal
What is the professional organization for Radiologic Technologists?
The American Society of Radiologic Technologists
What does ASRT do for members?
sponsors educations conferences, publishes a journal to update members, approves continuing education and maintains educational records. supports legislation to protect the public, promotes the profession to the public
What does the R.T. (R) stand for?
Registered Technologist in Radiography with certification by the ARRT
What is the JRCERT
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Techonoloy, they are the accrediting agency for R.T. programs
What is a comprehensive level of practice in radiography?
radiography performed on all body organs, systems, or structures and credentialed as R.T. (R) (ARRT)
What is the extended level of practice of radiography?
expanded beyond comprehensive, obtaining additional education and skills for cardiovascular, interventional, computed tomography and mammography
What is the limited level of practice of radiography?
radiography limited to specific anatomical regions by state.
What does the ARRT do?
establishes min. standards for application for certification.
provides a qualifying exam and entitles the applicants who pass to use the designation RT in association with their name.

provides specialty exams in R, NM, and T
What is required to maintain certification?
annual renew

proof of continuing education (24 hours every 2 years)
Although a person might be a certified RT, some states may require what?
to pass a state exam
What is JCAHO?
Joint Commission for the Accredidation of Healthcare Organizations
Why do hospitals need this credential?
to recieve Medicare payments and for insurance payments from insurers
What is JRCERT?
Joint Review Committe on Education in Radiologic Technology
What is JRCERTs function?
establishes minimum educational standards, conducts inspections, and grants accreditation to programs that comply with standards
Before we can help others, what must we do first?
meet our own physical and mental needs