What Is The Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
In order to serve patients most effectively, one must look introspectively and determine what one believes about nursing. This author chose nursing as a profession because nursing is her calling and she has made it her life’s work. For this author, nursing is a culmination of compassion, service, knowledge, teamwork, integrity, and perseverance. While it is true that one may receive the title “Registered Nurse” by going to school and passing an exam, this author believes nursing is something that lives inside a person; it is an inherent desire to heal, protect, advocate, and serve.
Additionally, one must compare and contrast one’s beliefs with the organization in which one works. It is essential for this author’s
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Autonomy is paramount in nursing and is necessary for healing to take place. The role of the nurse is to aid the patient in the tasks that he or she is unable to perform due to illness or injury. Many of the goals set forth in the patient’s plan of care focus on and revolve around restoring the patient regaining independence and autonomy.
Another important aspect of the person is his or her relationship to and with immediate and extended family members. Patients need support systems, both while inside and outside the hospital. It is important to recognize the dynamics of a family system and identify any potential physical, environmental, or emotional safety concerns prior to patient discharge.
Each individual is unique and has his or her own unique experience with health and wellness. This author treats each one of her patients as unique individuals, and tailors a plan of care in accordance with his or her cultural, religious, and social beliefs. This is extremely important not only for building a therapeutic relationship with the patient, but also for achieving the best possible outcomes. Patients are more likely to participate in and follow a plan of care that is individualized for their specific situation. This author accounts for all aspects of the individual’s well-being: mind, body, and
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Patients are top priority and their safety comes first, always. This author is a nurse because of a strong desire to help others. This author also has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and critical thinking. Nursing is different every day, and no two patients are exactly the same. Patients are not room numbers or illnesses; they are real people with human emotions and nurses must treat them individually, with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, and kindness. It is important to treat a patient holistically, maintaining balance between mind, body, and spirit. Maintaining a safe and calm environment promotes healing and physical, mental, and emotional

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