Ideal Nursing Rules

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Ideal Nursing Rules to Become an Effective Nurse
Nursing is a noble profession which concentrates on patient-centered care. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of a nurse are unique for each individual. Every patient also vary. One’s body is unique that the progression of a certain disease does not necessarily follow a fixed pattern of signs and symptoms, therefore, the severity of a disease as well as its effects differ from person to person. To become an effective nurse, one has to apply critical thinking skills in treating a person as a whole. Each nurse who is assigned to a patient has contributed care towards that patient in many different ways. Nurses may have various styles and techniques in providing care to their patient, but they
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It is stated in the book that “the patient is the most important person in the entire institution” (Angelo, 2015). The number one priority of care is the patient. For instance, a nurse must always answer calls promptly, and must be respectful, faithful, and ready to provide care to the patient during the entire shift. Caring for a patient is done holistically, thus, a nurse must consider not only the patient’s disease but also other aspects that may hinder the provision of care. For example, if a patient does not have insurance to cover his hospital bill, a nurse can refer him to government medical insurances or to social worker agencies that can help with his financial needs. The focus is to reach a positive outcome for the patient. Providing a good atmosphere for the patient is another rule to consider. A nurse must maintain quietness in the corridor and inside the patient’s room and must show common courtesy by not disturbing a resting patient. Maintaining quietness is also one way of exercising patient’s rights to privacy and confidentiality (Lachman, 2009). It is not proper for a nurses to be talking loud or gossiping about other people in the corridor where the patient’s family and other patients can hear. This is in violation of HIPAA (Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act) rules that may get a nurse in trouble. “The nurse …show more content…
Honesty and honor must be practiced by a nurse to become effective. For example, one should not write vital signs results on the patient’s chart if they were not actually taken. If a nurse makes mistake or error, one must report it immediately and make an incident report as soon as possible. Avoid throwing blames to others, but instead focus on the solution of the problem in order to maintain patient’s safety and comfort. There are also rules that remained the same in the nursing profession in the past hundred years. It is vital to “gather up scattered bits of nursing knowledge and to cultivate to the fullest extent her observing powers concerning her patients” (Angelo, 2015). This is what makes Florence Nightingale great in her work because she never fails to include small piece of information that may greatly affect the patient care (Angelo, 2015). “Even in this twentieth century, nurses sometimes suffer from unnecessary and preventable discomfort” (Angelo, 2015). Grievances towards other nurses must be real and is not just what a nurse feels like it. As a fair and effective nurse, one must gather proofs as to why a grievance exist, and must refrain from sharing it with other nurses or patients. To check for a real grievance, one can write it on a piece of paper and set aside for a few days. If one still believes that it is a real grievance, then

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