My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing I believe that the philosophy you use as a nurse should incorporate values you already live by. Becoming a nurse doesn’t change how important I believe it is to treat people with respect, compassion and dignity. Patients seek out health care because they are sick or vulnerable and as a nurse you have a very important role in the patient’s recovery. Nurses treat the patient and treatment can include comforting the patient, assessing mental as well as physical needs, management of symptoms, advocating for patients, and so much more. This paper describes how I will use my personal experiences and beliefs to develop my own nursing philosophy and how my education will continue to mold the kind of nurse I will become.
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I have worked in several different health care environments with different patient demographics, each providing various situations that allowed my personal values and professional skills to grow. The one aspect that remained constant was how much the nurse-patient relationship influenced the health, healing and well being for staff, patients and their families. Developing and maintaining a positive relationship between the medical staff and their patients supports the patient-centered care model utilized in holistic nursing (Dossey, 2016).
Metaparadigm of Nursing Table
Metaparadigm Concept Definition
Person An individual whom interacts with other healthcare team members, patients and family members to obtain a certain health related goal.
Health A person’s full state of being, including both physical and mental statuses.
Environment A place or state of being that encourages well-being and healing. This can include the relationships of the people within that environment and their support.
Nursing Approaching patient care with compassion, empathy and respect making the patient’s specific health beliefs and values the priority. As a nurse promoting health and wellness will include physical, emotional and spiritual support (Taylor,
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While working as a nurse I will continuously pursue learning about knew treatments, therapies and ways to practice. As a student of science I support modern medicine but I will not ignore the influence and benefits that holistic treatments can offer patients and their overall health. After developing my skills and gaining experience I intend to continue my education to a masters or doctorate level. There are so many options for nurses and I believe that the field of nursing will only continue to grow. I want to grow as a health care provider, I want to continue to learn about patient care and utilize evidence-based practice to ensure that patients are provided with the best care

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