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Ships shall not expose personal to excessive what and shall provide a shipboard work environment that minimizes the probability of such exposure?
Heat Stress
What is any combination of air temperature, thermal radiation, humidity, airflow, workload, and health conditions that may stress the body as it attempts to regulate body temperature?

Heat Stress
To obtain accurate and reliable data on heat stress conditions, ships shall conduct heat stress surveys to record dry-bulb (DB), and wet-bulb (WB), and what other readings?

Globe Temperature (GT)

What is calculated using dry-bulb, wet-bulb, and globe temperature?

WBGT Index
Heat acclimation occurs gradually, usually requiring how many weeks or more?

The Commanding Officer shall report to the what those material deficiencies, beyond ship's force capability to correct, which contribute to heat stress conditions aboard the ship?

Immediate Superior In Command (ISIC)
Who shall provide training to divisions on heat stress health hazards, symptoms, prevention, and first aid procedures, upon request?

If maintenance or repair is required, record all heat stress related deficiencies on what?

Who shall limit personnel heat exposures per established stay times, except as approved by the commanding officer in an operational emergency?

Division Officers

Use a WBGT meter or what to measure DB, WB, and GT, and compute the WBGT index to determine the amount of time it is safe to work in a given space?


What shall be permanently mounted at watch and workstations throughout the ship where heat stress conditions may exist?
Hanging DB thermometer
Placement of the DB thermometers may be in or out of the ventilation air stream but must be hung at least how many feet from any supply of ventilation terminal/ opening?
If the differences between the hanging DB thermometer and the DB temperature measured with the WBGT meter, during a survey, is how many degrees Fahrenheit or greater at any watch or work station, then the DB thermometer is not representative of the temperature at the work station?
If a ventilation is present at the work station where an AHSS unit will be installed, then the sensor should be located in relation to the ventilation duct such that airflow to the sensor does not exceed what fpm?

Dry-bulb thermometers must still be mounted on ships with what?

The surveyor uses the WGBT index, along with the individual's physical exertion level, to determine the permissible heat exposure limits referred to as the what?

PHEL stay times
The operating range for the RSS-220 and Vista Model 960 WBGT meters is 65 degrees Fahrenheit to how many degrees Fahrenheit?


The operating range for the AHSS is 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 10% to what percent relative humidity?

The heat stress surveyor shall conduct the first WBGT measurement in the workspace after the meter has been in space how many minutes to enable it to equilibrate to the surrounding area?

The heat stress surveyor shall record all nonautomated survey readings to the nearest how many degrees Fahrenheit?

Under normal operations, routine watches in engineering spaces are expected to be how many hours at a PHEL III or lower?


How many options are provided for follow on surveys for engineering spaces on non-nuclear, steam-powered ships and for laundries, sculleries, galleys, steam catapult spaces and arresting gear spaces?

The WBGT meter, motorized psychrometer, or commercially available what may be used to measure DB and WB temperature?
The department head may elect to have more than one stay time rotation in a workspace if permitted by what?


What is for use in especially hot environments where reduced stay times have been imposed on watch/work standers?


Supervisors shall direct personnel standing watch or working in spaces in reduced stay times (except in operational emergencies as directed by the CO) to leave the heat stress environment prior or the expiration of the PHEL stay time. These personnel shall move to a cool, dry area conducive to rapid physiological recovery (an area with a DB temperature of how many degrees Fahrenheit or less)?


Drink more water than satisfies thirst but no more than how many liters per hour when working in a heat stress environment?

The use of using cooling vests that contain what- based phase change material is not recommended?


What shall provide a fiscal year-end summary of ship board heat stress cases from the WESS database by type of operation, and ship class to CNO (N09F)?

What provides a measure of environmental conditions?

WBGT index
The Navy has developed how many PHEL curves?


Personnel conducting heavy repairs or other strenuous work shall have their stay time determined by using what?

PHEL curve VI

If someone entering a workspace or area for the first time in approximately how long or more can smell the odor of stack gas and/or fuel vapors, then a harmful concentration may be present?

Four hours