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Which chapter establishes objectives and assigns responsibilities for the DON Directives Issuance System?

Chapter 1
Who exercises overall management of the DON Directives Issuance System and provides for the implementation and administration of the system within the Navy?


When should you conduct a periodic review of directives?


Which chapter establishes uniform standards and practices for management and development of directives within DON?

Chapter 2
What are formal written guidance that informs and instructs DON personnel in the communication of policy and procedures in the performance of their duties?


Depending on the purpose and use, a directive may be issued in how many forms?

Three (instruction, notice, change transmittal)
What are the two forms of distribution may a directive be?
Internal or external
What two types of directives are there?

Permanent or temporary

Which form is used as a record-keeping tool to track actions taken on directives and should be maintained for each directive issued?

Directives Record Card (OPNAV 5215/8)
Per what instruction should you file classified directives in separate binders from unclassified directives to safeguard?

What is a directive that is prepared in naval letter format and establishes policy or orders specific action?

Letter-type instruction

Instructions may be classified at what level?

Secret or Confidential
What is a directive that has one-time or brief nature and has a self-canceling provision, and it has the same force and effect as an instruction?

A notice usually remains in effect for less than how many months, and is not permitted to remain in effect for longer than how long?

6 months/ 1 year
What are used to issue changes to instructions and, under some circumstances, notices?

Change transmittals

What may be issued to directives when information changing the basic directive must be promulgated urgently?

Interim message changes
When an interim message change is issued to a directive changes must be followed by a change transmittal or revision to the basic instruction within a reasonable period of time not to exceed how many days?


Which type of directive is an instruction or notice whose size and content is best suited to a format used for manuals consisting of parts, chapters, or sections?


What contain material which supports but is not readily incorporated into the text of a document?


What term should you designate appendices by?


When preparing Letter-Type Directives each instruction and notice issued shall be assigned a SSIC number from what instruction?
All elements of a message-type directive are prepared per prepared standard instructions for regular messages per what?

Instruction pages are numbered consecutively, beginning with the second page, how many inches from the bottom of the page in the center?