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Concentration of solutions can be measured in...



Volume can be measured in..

dm^3 or cm^3

1000cm^3 is ... dm^3


How would you dilute a solution?

Add more Solvent

Why do we need to dilute?

in food: So tastes are correct

So the formula doesn't harm the baby

In medicine: To avoid overdoses

The more concentrated a solution...

The more crowded the solute particles are.

Equation for Concentration

Concentration = Moles/Volume

How much solvent would you need to add to dilute 1dm^3 of a 1mol/dm^3 solution to 0.1 mol/dm^3?

1mol/dm^3 * 1dm^3 = 1 mol of solute

1mol/0.1 mol/dm^3 = 10 dm^3

10-1 = 9 dm^3 needs to be added.

How can you convert 28g of Salt to a mass of sodium?

NaCl = 28 RFM

Na = 11 RFM

11/28 *100 = 39.29%

28 * 39.29% = 11g of Sodium

Why might a conversion of Salt to sodium be inaccurate?

Sodium ions can come from other sources.