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What kind of fuel resource is coal and crude oil?
Fossil fuels
Takes millions of years to form and releases energy from fossils
How is crude oil separated?
Fractional distillation
Tower which separates fractions from boiling points
Why is crude oil a non renewable source?
Used up faster than it is made
Doesn't meet supply and demand
Where do fractions with high boiling points exit the tower?
At the bottom
Needs more energy as the top of the tower is cooler
Where is the tower the coldest?
At the top
At the bottom it is the hottest
Why can molecules be separated by fractional distillation?
The tower has enough energy to break the intermolecular forces between them
Link to forces
What are forces between molecules called?
Remember bonds
What is the relationship between molecule size and force?
The bigger the molecule the stronger the bond between the molecules
Link to bonds
Name three uses of crude oil
Medicine plastics and transport fuel
What conditions are required for cracking
High temperatures and a catalyst