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1st timothy chp 1 deals with warnings about _________ and their heresies.
false teachers
1st timothy chp 2 deals with the ministry of __________ and the position of conduct and __________ of the churches.
prayer, women
1st timothy chp 3 deals with the qualifications an elder or _______, and _______
pastor, deacon
1st timothy chp 4 deals with the coming ________
1st timothy chp 5 deals with provision for _______ and proper respect for ________
widows, elders
1st timothy chp 6 deals with obligations of ________and warnings to the ________
slaves, wealthy
epistle to titus chp 1 deals with instruction of church ___________ and warnings about Cretan _______
organization, heresy
In 2 Timothy, Paul encouraged Timothy to be faithful and endure. t/f
three names peter goes by:
simon, peter, cephas
encouraged Gaius to continue to do good works and not be tempted to do evil
3 John
desired that the elect lady and her children remain in the life style of the true Christian faith
2 John
1) ____________ of fellowship
2)_____________ of fellowship
3)____________ of fellowship
4)_____________ of fellowship
5)___________ of fellowship
peter's surname by the Lord
in John's first epistle, he discussed warning his ___________
little children
in his second epistle, the ___________
elect lady
third is _______ of ___________
words of encouragement
known as one of the pillars of the early church
author of this book is unknown
has many similarities to 2 peter
approximate date of writing of James's Epistle
ad 45
year of writing of the Epistle to the Hebrews
ad 63-67
approximate date of jude's epistle
ad 70
The ones to whom Christ is shown to be superior in the book of Hebrews are _____ .
angels, aaron, moses
james and jude were prob cousins t/f
first section of revelation
glorious Christ and His people
2nd section
victorious Christ and His enemy
3rd section
triumphant Christ and His bride
four approaches
preterist, historical, futuristic, nonliteral
seven churches
ephesus, symrna, pergamos, thyatira, sardis, philadelphia, laodicea
first trumpet
hail and fire mingled with blood burn up 1/3 tree and grass
2nd trumpet
mountain burn w fire cast sea 1/3 of it blood 1/3 creatures and ships die
3rd trumpet
wormwood falls
4th trumpet
1/3 part of sun, moon, and stars darkened
5th trumpet
6th trumpet
horsemen with lionlike heads and serpent tails slays 1/3,
7th trumpet
great voices declare the Lord over all forces, He reigns forever and ever