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To perplex with surprise, astonishment, or amazement.
Interchange and discussion of ideas in a frank and open way.
made speechless with amazement
care or benevolent guidance of God
set apart or rededicated as holy again
to be reproachful or abusive in speech
Above or superior to all others; supreme in authority.
Job lived in the land of _______, south of _______ and west of the great ___________
Uz, Adom, Arabian Desert
He had _______ sheep, ______ teams of oxen, ______ camels, ______ female donkeys, and many _______
7,000, 500, 3,000, 500, servants
The book of Job is one of the earliest Bible books written. t/f
The majority of the debate section in the book of Job is in prose form. t/f
The vocab in the book of Job is very limited. t/f
A genuine interest in God's creation is revealed in the content of Job. t/f
The content of Job reveals a vast resource of knowledge. t/f
Select the characteristics influencing the style in which Job was written.
vast resource of knowledge, profound depth of thought
Job was a patriarch who acted as a _____ for his household, offering sacrifices on behalf of his children in the event that they cursed God.
Which of these statements describe God's appraisal of Job?
God's servants, one of the finest men in all the earth
Select the things guarded by God's "hedge of protection," according to Satan's accusation of Job:
Job himself, all that he has on every side, his house
How was God's favor given to Job according to the passage in Job 1?
God blessed the work of Job's hands, God increased Job's resources
Satan accused Job of following the Lord only:
for material gain
Select the possessions of Job removed from him by the first tragedy.
sheep and cattle, children, servants
Based on the assigned Scripture reading, what did Job do when he heard the disastrous news?
shaved his head, wroshiped
friends with jJob
Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar
To show their concern for him, Job's friends:
tore clothes, sprinkled dust on heads, sat down with him on the ground for seven days and said nothing
Satan was instructed by God to save Job's:
Job was smitten from head to foot with sore:
Job's wife caused him further suffering by telling him to:
curse God and die
Job's friends came to mourn and:
In a manner directly opposite to what is or might be expected.
to mourn or grieve for
language that is irrelevant, blasphemous, or full of contempt
coarse or crude language
I ______ that thou _______ do every ______, and that no ________ can be __________ from ______. Job ____ : ___
I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee. Job 42:2
_________ held his words until the very _____
Eliphaz, end
Eliphaz stated that Job was suffering some __________, and was ________ for pleading _______
secret sin, arrogant, innocence
Bildad stated that God only _______ the ________
punishes, wicked
Zophar ______ Job for pleading _________ and said he must ________
rebuked, righteousness, repent
Job desired to _____ respectfully
Job cursed God and the day of his birth. t/f
Jeremiah had a similar complaint to Job's. t/f
Job maintained his innocence and righteousness throughout the debate. t/f
God finally intervened in the debate and spoke directly to Job out of a __________ .
Job was awestruck with:
the execution of God's justice in the earth, magnitude of God's works in providing for His creation
_________ and __________ are the names given to two gigantic creations of God mentioned in Job 40 and 41.
Leviathan, Behemoth
The act of restoring to the rightful owner that which is lost or has been taken away.
A clearing from criticism, censure, or suspicion.
Select the ways in which Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar had to make restitution:
had to offer sacrifices for their sin against God, had to humble themselves before Job by having him pray to the Lord for their forgiveness
rebuked Job's three friends for their folly
called the Lord the "God of all comfort"
spoke of the patience of Job
After Job was vindicated and his prosperity restored, what was he able to minister in a greater way to those who suffered?
Job's sufferings took place in a period of about how many months?
How many years did Job live after his great trial of faith?
Job lived to an age where he was able to see and enjoy ______ generations of his descendents.