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the state or quality of being the highest station of power
____ and ____ mingled with blood fell to the earth at the ____ trumpet
hail, fire, 1st
a great ______ burning with fire was cast into the _____, and _____ of the sea became ________ during the _____ trumpet
mountain, sea, 1/3, blood, 2nd
a great burning _____ named _______ fell from heaven on the _____ and ______ of waters during the ____ trumpet
star, wormwood, rivers, fountains, 3rd
1/3 of the _____, _____, and ______ were darkened and the heavenly bodies could not ________ in the right order during ____ trumpet
sun, moon, stars, shine, 4th
__________-like creatures tormented those who did not have the seal of _____ on their foreheads during the ____ trumpet
scorpion, God, 5th
a creature with the body of a ______ and the head of a ______ and _______ tails to slay people on earth with fire, and left those who sinned and did not repent to remain during the ____ trumpet
horse, lion, serpent, 6th
when censer was filled with fire and cast to earth, _____, _____, and _______ occurred
voices, thunderings, lightnings
in 5th trumpet, satan is called the ________, the _____ of the bottomless pit, and _______, a greek word for destroyer
Abaddon, Angel, Apollyon
Despite the judgment of God, people continued to sin. t/f
The angel John saw had one foot on the sea and one on earth. t/f
The angel John saw had a great sealed book in his hand. t/f
John was not allowed to touch the book held by the angel. t/f
Revelation includes everything John saw in his vision. t/f
the jews will have supremacy over jerusalem for 3.5 years t/f
Who will have power to devour their enemies, shut heaven so that it will not rain, turn waters into blood, and smite the earth with plagues as often as they desire?
the Lord's witnesses
Revelation 11:15: "And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this a0_____ are become the kingdoms of our a1_____ , and of his Christ; and he shall a2_____ for ever and ever."
world, Lord, reign rev 11:15
the woman in rev 12 is clothed with ______, and has _______ under her ______, and a crown of ____ _______ upon her head.
the sun, the moon, feet, 12 stars
the pregnant woman in 12 represents the nation of _______, opposed by the ______ ________, satan.
Israel, red dragon
the _______ in rev 12 is the Lord Jesus Christ
man child
The passage in Revelation 12 speaks of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. t/f
The emphasis in Revelation 12 is on the interval between Christ's first and second coming. t/f
Jesus is received into heaven until the restitution of all things. t/f
Jesus has already been given his inheritance t/f
According to Psalm 2:8, the uttermost parts of the ____ will be given to Christ for His possession.
woman is forced to flee into the _______ where she is _____ by God
wilderness, fed
Gabriel and his angels fought against Satan and his hosts. t/f
The devil won the battle and was allowed to stay in heaven. t/f
satan was given a long time to carry out his plans on earth t/f
the saints are given part of a victory over satan t/f
The second sign concerned war in heaven in the angelic realm. t/f
The third sign signified war on earth between Satan and the woman. t/f
Select the names for Satan given in this section:
dragon, old serpent, devil, accuser of brethren
Select what the second sign, the war in heaven, represents concerning victory:
salvation, kingdom of God, great rejoicing in heaven
craft; cunning; deceit
pertaining to money
to represent something as a person
a beast with ____ heads and ____ crowns with the body of a _____, feet of a _____, and the heads of _____ with the name '___________' written on his heads rose out of the sea during the ____ sign
7, 10, leopard, bear, lions, blasphemy, 4th
the blasphemy leaving the mouth of the beast is against ______, _______, ______, and _______
God, God's name, His tabernacle, and those dwelling in heaven
the _______ sign has a second beast that rose from the earth having _____ horns like a ________, but _______ like a _______
5th, 2, lamb, spoke, dragon
the beast that comes out of the sea makes ______ with the _______
war, saints
the second beast is called the false prophet t/f
the second beast does not have power to work miracles t/f
This second beast gives life to the image and causes people to worship it. t/f
the second beast deceives the people of the earth t/f
The sixth sign is a lion appearing in heaven. t/f
Those surrounding the throne have the beast's mark in their foreheads. t/f
Those surrounding the throne are called virgins because they are pure. t/f
Those surrounding the throne are known as the firstfruits unto God and the Lamb. t/f
has the everlasting gospel to preach to the people
1st angel
Cries to the one like the Son of the man to thrust in the sickle and reap the ripe harvest
4th angel
Appears out of the temple having a sharp sickle thrusts it into the grape harvest to reap it
5th angel
Announces the fall of the evil powers that have caused the people of the earth to err
2nd angel
Urges the fifth angel to thrust in the sickle and reap the grape harvest
6th angel
Declares doom and the wrath of God to those who have worshiped the beast
3rd angel
ugly, painful sores
1st plague
earthquake that divides babylon
7th plague
euphrates is dried up
6th plague
fresh waters become blood
3rd plague
sea becomes blood
2nd plague
beast's kingdom becomes dark
5th plague
mention is only made of the mans ______-
the ______ of God is sharper than any two edged sword
under thet fourth seal, 1/__ was killed by _______
1/4, beasts
the false prophet does NOT
make an image to the archangel
the first five vials poured unto _____ not _______
sun, heaven
tyatira is known for their _______ and _______
love, service
pergamos had _______ in their church