Righteousness In The Book Of Job

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One of the guarantees of human life is that we encounter or end up in situations that we do not always deserve or provoke, these situations are often beyond our control and understanding, leading to confusion, anger, and questioning. This type of unexpected situation is famously seen in “The Book of Job” from the jewish bible when Job loses his wealth, assets, and family and is plagued with a skin disease, seemingly for no reason. This situation of suffering that Job who is a “blameless and upright man” (Job 1:8) occurs due to an Adversary presenting God with the notion that Job is righteous, innocent, and blessed merely because he fears God, that if his prosperous life were taken away, he would lose faith and trust in God. The Adversary’s proposal about Job’s righteousness causes God to grant the Adversary permission to create suffering in Job’s life. The Adversary declares that Job’s righteousness is derived through his prosperity and exists out of the fear of God, not love and true spiritual faith, that the moment he begins to suffer misfortune and lose his blessings he will curse the Lord. To the Lord, this is seen as a challenge or experiment to evaluate the depth of Job’s belief in him and whether it is genuine faith or motivated purely …show more content…
Job’s suffering leads to transformative revelations about his spirituality and how his previous ways of belief and faith were not aligned with those of a truly spiritual and righteous man. The Lord demonstrates to Job that the suffering he endured is not a form of punishment or evil, but that it is for his own good and in the interest of his righteousness. In “The Book of Job” there is a move from pursuing spirituality out of self-interest to pursuing moral interests in the form of a personal relationship with the Lord that is not dictated by

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