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Theme: Acts
The spread of the Good News
Theme: Romans
The righteousness of God
Theme: 1 Corinthians
Problems in the Church
Theme: 2 Corinthians
Defense of Paul's apostleship
Acts: recounts the coming of what?
The Holy Spirit
Acts: recounts transition from ____ to ____.
from the Kingdom to the Church age
Acts: Ch. 1-12 focus on the _______, ch. 13-28 focus on the _____.
kingdom, church
3 purposes of miracles and tongues in the early church:
1. authenticate final ______of the kingdom to the Jews
2. authenticate the new concept for the ______
3. authenticate the ______ and _______ of the apostles
1. authenticate final OFFER of the kingdom to the Jews
2. authenticate the new concept for the CHURCH
3. authenticate the IDENTITY and AUTHORITY of the apostles
Epistles were usually dictated to a ____ or _____
scribe, secretary
Last lines of an epistle were usually written by the _______
The only epistles Paul ever wrote are those found in the New Testament.
Paul wrote other epistles that have not been preserved.
The apostles knew that their writings would be preserved.
We don't know :P
Which of Paul's writings is the longest?
This book prepared believers in ____ for an upcoming visit by Paul.
The church at Rome was founded by dispersed believers.
All people are under the condemnation of sin
What is the result of justification?
A victorious life
Paul responds to a minority accusing him of being a false prophet in which epistle?
2 Corinthians
Most emotional epistle
2 Corinthians
Contains most detail of Paul's personal life
2 Corinthians
Purpose of 1 Corinthians
Respond to questions from the Corinthians