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When in uniform, Navy personnel are required to salute what three things?
flag, anthem, and officers
The three elements of a good Navy leader are what
a. Moral principles
b. Personal example
c. Administrative ability
What are the principles of conduct that give direction,solidity, and consistency to leadership?
a. Honesty
b. Integrity
c. Loyalty
What is another term for administrative ability?
management practices.
What are the three followership qualities?
a. Loyalty
b. Initiative
c. Dependability
What are three positive way to which you can build morale?
a. Pride—being proud of what your personnel have accomplished

b. Integrity—being honest with yourself
c. Keeping personnel informed—making
sure your personnel know what is happening
What are the four main sources of pollutants?
a. Agricultural runoff
b. Industrial
c. Municipal
d. Transportation operations
When would a sailor recieve MILCAP?Military Cash Awards Program
rewarded to individuals for
their beneficial suggestions, inventions, and scientific achievements.
What are four sources in which you can report fraud, waste, and abuse?
a. Chain of command
b. Navy hotline
c. Naval Criminal Investigative Service
d. Congressional communication
Why did the Navy implement the Command Managed Equal Opportunity Program?(CMEO)
to ensure that
all naval personnel are treated equally and are
given equal opportunities.
The Guidance and policy for the CMEO Program is provided by who?
What is the function of the ombudsman?
To promote good order and discipline.
When away from their home district, a Sailor and
his/her family can register to vote by using what?
Federal Post Card Application for Absentee Ballot (FPCA).
What are the three categories of sound powered phone
a. Primary
b. Auxiliary
c. Supplementary
What are the four elements you should include when
taking a message?
a. Name of caller
b. The message
c. Time and date of message
d. Your name
What type of circuit is the XJZ?
auxiliary circuit
Calls passed over the 1MC are authorized by who?
a. OOD,
b. XO, or the
c. CO
The Oscar Flag indicates what?
There is a man
The code alfa flag indicates what?
There are divers in
the water.
What flag is flown when a general court martial is in sesiion?
The Union Jack
The third pennant is flown when?
When the Captain is absent
On larger ships who responsible for making sure that special flags and pennants are displayed?
What is the flagstaff insignia for a captain?
Single Ball
What are the three military departments with in the Department of Defense (DoD)
Air force
What two departments does the Coast Guard operate under?
Wartime—Department of the Navy
Peacetime—Department ofTransportation
The Navy Regs has an entire chapter covering commanding officer duties. T/F?
What are four departments usually found in aircraft
a. Administration
b. Safety
c. Operations
d. Maintenance
What is the basic unit of a shipboard organization?
The term athwartships refers to what?
the position of
something that is across the boat from side to
side at a right angle.
The overhand loop should be turned in what direction?
Counter clockwise
What are boat booms used for?
moor the ship’s boat
while anchored.
What term is used to describe the transfer of fuel and
supplies between ships while under way?
replenishment at sea.
What do Rescue, salvage, and towing ships provide?
rapid firefighting, dewatering, battle damage repair, and rescue towing assistance.
When did the Navy acquire its first aircraft?
This is an act or verbal expression of consideration or respect for others?
This a usual way of acting in a
situation that has been practiced so long
that it has the force of law?
A ruler of a country recognized by the United
States recieves a how many gun salute?
What are the three riffle salutes?
a. Present arms
b. Rifle salute at order arms
c. Rifle salute at right shoulder arms
What unifom do both men and woman stencil the same way in the navy?
Dress White Jumper
Military decorations include what?
a. Medal of Honor
b. Navy Cross
c. Distinguished Service Medal
d. Purple Heart
What is the purpose for military formations?
a. To move a large number of personnel from
one place to another in an orderly fashion.
b. To make personnel alert and to pay
attention to information or instructions
being put out.
c. To teach a group of individuals to act as a
What are the four positions of rest for a formation?
a. Parade rest
b. At ease
c. Rest
d. Fall out
When in uniform, female Sailors may wear what type of earings?
ball-type earrings (either post or screw on)
with a brushed matte finish.
What is the command given to turn your head 45° to the
Eyes Right
These are weapons that
can be used to destroy large areas or kill and disable large segments of a population.
WOMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
What is the most probable delivery method for chemical
or biological weapons?
The four types of nuclear weapon explosion
classification are what?
a. High altitude blast
b. Air blast
c. Surface blast
What areas of the body are most affected by blister agents.
Moist areas
How many MOPP levels are there?
Which MOPP level offers the most protection?
At what MOPP level is Material Condition Zebra set?
What is the most effective way to remove
radioactive particles from the ship
The swimming classification that gives you the
best chance for survival if you have to abandon
ship is which class?
First Class Swimmer
If you have to jump from a ship into burning water, you should do what?
take a deep breath, cover
your nose and mouth with one hand and your
eyes with the other, and swim under water as
far as possible.
What are the two types of life preservers used by the Navy?
a. Inherently buoyant type
b. Inflatable type
When you have custody of your life preserver,
you should inspect it how often?
The contents of survival kits carried by inflatable
lifeboats include what?
a. Food rations
b. Sea marker dye
c. Flashlight
d. Batteries
e. Signal mirror
f. Whistle
g. First-aid kit
h. Distress signal kit
i. fresh water
What program does the Navy use to help junior sailors achieve their goals?
Goal Card Program
What are the three types of duty?
a. Sea
b. Shore
c. Neutral
Ratings are divided into what?
a. General
b. Service
To be advanced to petty officer, you must meet
what requirements?
a. time in rarte
b. Demonstrate knowledge of material in
d. CO’s recommendation
Your page 4 contains what information?
a. NECs; designators, assigned, changed, or
b. Navy schools attended
c. Navy training courses completed
d. Personal qualifications; technical
e. GED and off-duty courses completed
f. Decoration and awards
After you sign your Evaluation Report where is it sent to?
it is sent
to BUPERS and copies go to the field service
record, reporting activity, and to you, the
service member
Page 1 of your service record contains what?
enlisted contract
Record of Emergency Data is found on your page 2? T/F?
PQS is divided into three sections that include what?
a. Fundamentals
b. Systems
c. Watch stations
The five types of discharge are what?
a. Honorable
b. General
c. Other than Honorable
d. Bad Conduct
e. Dishonorable
What are the three types of pay?
a. Basic
b. Incentive
c. Special
SGLI is available in increments of up to how much?
Normally you are covered for how long after you seperate from the service?
120 days after separation
The Family Advocacy Program was established to accomplish what?
to help service members or their families
when they are a victim of spousal or child
who is responsible for making sure your paycheck and LES are correct.
Which type of banking account is the safest and most
convenient way to keep track of the money?
you spend.
Checking acct
What is the first thing you should do when making out a budget?
start a savings plan—pay yourself first!
What is the simplest way to find the total cost of credit?
subtract the actual price of goods from the
total amount of the loan.
What are the four main essential ingredients in paint?
a. Pigment
b. Vehicle
c. Drier
d. Thinner
What are the two main reasons for a bad paint job?
a. Improper surface preparation
b. Improper paint application
At a minimum how many coats of primer should be applied to bare metal?
two coats of primer
The first sign of aluminum corrosion is what?
powdery residue.
The two types of respirators used by Sailors
when handling solvents are what?
a. Air-purifying
b. Air-supplied
Most fires in paint and solvent storage areas are
caused by what?
vapor buildup.
What arethe two types of deck covers?
a. Resilient
b. Nonslip
What are the most common hand tools used to remove
paint and rust from small areas?
a. Sandpaper
b. Wire brush
c. Hand scraper
The missions of the Navy determined by our
national strategy are what?
a. Sea control
b. Power projection
The wartime mission of the Military Sealift
Command is what?
a. Move troops, equipment, and other
b. Provide replenishment to ships on station
and under-way
What does FOUO stand for?
For Official Use Only.
Who is authorized to initiate
a request for a security clearance and
background investigation.
A letter in parentheses, such as (S), after a
publication title tells you what?
the classification of
that publication.
If you find an unattended room with an open and
unlocked security container, you should?
the senior duty officer to report a security
violation. Then, stand guard over the space
until the duty officer arrives.
The least secure communications means is using what?
telephone. Never use telephones to discuss
classified material because they can be
physically and electronically wiretapped.
The two most publicized forms of terrorism are what?
a. Taking hostages
b. Bombing
Which program has the Navy implements to combat alcohol and drug abuse?
The Navy Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) improves achievement in what area?
Basic Competencies
The civilian housing marker is the primary source of housing for military personnel. This policy was established by which authorities?
U.S. Congress & DOD
The qualifications for ESWS can be found in what publication?
OPNAV instruction
Family Service Centers (FSC) are on all bases with which of the following minimum number of active duty personnel?
After how many total years of service (active duty and fleet reserve time combined) are your eligible to be transferred to the retired list?
30 years
What percentage of all service members are affected by back injuries?
Where in the field enlisted service record can you find a copy of all previously completed page 4's?
Right Side
To be eligible for brig staff duty an applicant must have served a minimum of how many moths of active duty following recruit training?
24 months
Officers must have a minimum of how many years of service to be a casualty assistance calls officer?
2 years
Information on personal financial management can be found in what OPNAVIST
The MILCAP can be found in which instruction?
On the left side of the enlisted service record, the separator is entitled?
Career performance data