My Reflection Of Leadership As A Personal Statement

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In my opinion, Leadership, can vary from one situation to another. That’s why it is impossible to generalize leadership because of its broad aspects. The main thing to think about is to determine who is a leader and what makes a vision. Leadership is more than having subordinates or a title. You cannot have leadership by simply relying on just a few principles. Leadership itself is complex, that you need to make a tough decision without depending on the famous steps but by pursuing the shared purpose of achieving a positive yet empowering notion on lasting an effective and influencing policy. In the case of leadership philosophy, mine comes from different aspects, and one of those is having self-awareness. It is relatively important to have …show more content…
In addition, it might help you manage them accordingly. Yes, you also have your values as a leader, but you cannot force those values to your followers. As leaders, we should influence others with our character and traits. Furthermore, influencing others to make the right decisions, become passionate about your craft and your organization work as well. These things are what enhance leadership as a whole and not having a pre-meditated action on becoming a good influence on others. Definite and clear action on leadership and its effect on others can magnify the true positivity of …show more content…
Further, to mentor and get ready to lead my subordinates. Relationships, in this so-called leader-follower enhancement. In other words, cohesiveness and leads to the higher context of leadership implementation.
Of course, I understand that leadership knowledge does not mean much when not tested; hence, the growth in leadership happens when practiced. Furthermore, leaders probably might get some struggle at that position, when they are pressured during the process of directing subordinates or going through various challenges without understanding the importance of surpassing these events. The capability of solving problems shows more efficiency in turn. Leaders, should routinely think on their actions, understand situations, and rely on the military principles with real mastery of the

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