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What creats the most pollution?
motor vehicles
Primary Municipal Pollutants are?
raw or inadequately treated sewage
What cause's steel to erode two to four times faster than normal?
Sulfur oxides
Most pesticides are nonselective which means?
they kill or damage life forms other than their intended purpose.
the primary responsibility for assuring air quality falls to who?
Each state.
unpulped trash may be discharged at what distance from the American coast line?
25 nautical miles.
Pulped trash cannot be discharged within how many nautical miles of the U.S. coast line?
12 nautical miles
How far from any foriegn coast line must you be before you can discharge any trash?
25 nautical miles
Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant compacted trash at what distance?
12 nm from the U.S. coastline, but only at depths of greater than 1,000 Fathoms
No servicewoman may be assigned overseas or travel overseas after the beginning of the ___ week of pregnancy.
Pregnant servicewomen won’t remain aboard ship if it takes longer the __ hours for medical evacuation to a treatment facility.
Servicewomen cannot remain on board a deployed unit beyond the ____ week of pregnancy.
Normally the CO grants how much convalescent leave after the servicewoman has delivered the baby?
6 weeks (42 days)
intentional misleading or deceitful conduct is the deffinition of what word?
define waste
extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure.
Military Cash Awards Program caps out at what amount?