The Importance Of Leadership On The United States Coast Guard

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1. The United States Coast Guard is an organization with a rich history, heritage, and traditions. As we venture further into the future, we continue to make necessary changes and improvements to move forward. The strong leaders throughout Coast Guard history have paved the way to make us the premiere maritime service that we are today. It remains that in all of our best efforts to equip the junior enlisted ranks with leadership tools we fail to focus on our very own strong leaders and events throughout the history of the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard needs to incorporate its historical leadership figures into leadership training for junior officers and enlisted.

2. One of the leadership models presented during Apprentice Leadership
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Leadership training at the E4 level should include Coast Guard specific leaders. In this curriculum, we need to highlight specific figures and references throughout Coast Guard history, and tie them directly into the 28 leadership competencies. An example would be taking excerpts from the latest year’s Commandant’s Reading List, and including these books into the ALP, and giving the students the opportunity to discuss which leadership competencies were met in each excerpt. It would be an injustice to continue presenting leadership training that merely fits within business practices, but fails to highlight our own strong leaders such as Douglas Munro and his heroism in Guadalcanal, or even in modern day Coast Guard such as Admiral Thad Allen and his major role in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. By introducing this mixture of research, practical exercises, and facilitated discussion, junior officer and enlisted students would be able to apply the leadership competencies to real-life examples of history, heritage, and …show more content…
Opponents might question the cost of modifying the existing material for ALP. This modification would be at very little cost to the Coast Guard. Enclosure (1) provides all costs currently associated with the ALP course. The total cost of the course to the training command is $15557.10. This means that each individual training center is responsible for delivery of the ALP material, and funding all government print orders for student and instructor workbooks. To make a change in the government print order would cost a total of $1557.10 per training center. This is a nominal price, considering the training center does not have to fund travel, per diem, or lodging for this course, as it is presented as an addition to Class “A” Schools. In total, this would include Training Centers Petaluma, Yorktown, Elizabeth City, Maritime Law Enforcement Academy, and Direct Petty Officer Training (DEPOT) program at Cape May. Recently, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard identified a deficiency in leadership training, considering that Level Three feed back provided by students who graduated ALP did not even realize they received leadership training. This is an unfortunate problem, but the inclusion of Coast Guard leadership into the curriculum is a step toward the

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