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What was the purpose of the OSHAct of 1970?
- Direct the head of each federal department to establish an Occupational Safety and Health program.
- Provide safe and healthful places and conditions of employment.
-Acquire, maintain and require use of safety eqpt., PPE, and devices necessary to protect employees.
- Keep adequate records of occ accidents and illnesses for eval and corrective action.
- Consult Secretary in regards to records.
- Make annual report to Secretary.
When was OSHA established?
28 APR 1971
What is the purpose of OSHA?
Ensure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.
Who provides technical assistance to OSHA and is the principal federal agency engaged in research to eliminiate on the job hazards.
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
What is the DON policy for Safety, Mishap Prevention, Occupational Health and Fire Protection Programs?
What is the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual that revises and assigns responsibilities for SECNAVINST 5100.10 series?
What is the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual for shore facilities?
What is the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual for Forces Afloat?
How many volumes are in the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual for Forces Afloat and what are they?
Vol. 1: NAVOSH and Major Hazard-Specific Programs
Vol. 2: Surface Ship Safety Standards
Vol. 3: Submarine Safety Standards
What is the science that deals with the recognition, evaluation, and control of potential health hazards in the work environment?
Industrial Hygiene
What is a multi-disciplinary field of general preventive medicine which is concerned with prevention and/or treatment of illness induced by factors in the workplace environment?
Occupational Health
What are the 6 major disciplines of Occupational Health?
- Occupational Medicine
- Occupational Health Nursing
- Epidemiology
- Toxicology
- Industrial Hygiene
- Health Physics
Who is designated occupational safety and health official for the DON and is in charge of shipbuilding and logistics?
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Who is responsible for implementationand management of NAVOSH programs, establishing policy and standards for ALL commanders and establishes planning, programming, staffing and budgeting for NAVOSH Programs?
What is the responsibility of Fleet Commanders (TYCOM)?
Ensure subordinate commands conduct an aggressive NAVOSH program and develop NAVOSH management evaluation mechanisms for afloat commands.