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Sales promotions
All of the incentives offered to customers and channel members to encourage product purchases.
Consumer promotions
Incentives directly offered to a firm's customers or potential customers.
Trade promotions
Expenditure or incentives used by manufacturers and other members of the marketing channel to purchase goods for eventual sale.
Freestanding inserts (FSIs)
Sheets of coupons distributed in newspapers, primarily oh Sunday.
The placement of two promotional materials together.
Promotion-prone consumers
Consumers who are not brand loyal and regularly respond to promotions, such as coupons price-off plans, or premiums, only purchasing items that are on-deal.
Brand-loyal customers
Consumers who purchase only one particular brand and do not substitute, regardless of any deal being offered.
Price-sensitive consumers
Consumers for whom price is the primary, if not only, criterion used in making a purchase decision.
Trade allowances
Financial incentives to other channel members to motivate them to make purchases.
Slotting fees
A form of trade allowance in which are funds charged by retailers to stock new products.
Exit fees
Monies paid to remove an item from a retailer's inventory.
Spiff money
Rewards given as contest prizes to brokers, retail salespeople, stores, wholesalers, and agents.
Trade incentive
Funds given that require the retailer to perform a function in order to receive the dollars.