The Seven Different Types Of Consumer Promotions

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Product promotion is necessary for getting your brand recognized. By having a promotion for your brand, it will put the product in front of the existing customer as well as attracting new ones. Consumer promotions now account for almost a quarter of the marketing budget of consumer product companies. (Raghubir, Inman, & Grande, 2004). In this essay I will describe seven different types of consumer promotions and how each of them will apply to my body spray product. I will also determine which strategy is the most effective. Many companies have different way to promote their product or services. If the marketing department of the company can provide a strong set of promotional strategies, this will help the company in a favorable light.
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Most times with this type of promotion it does not require a purchase from the consumer. The objective of the promotion is to get the product or service in front of the consumer. These types contest will help to increase sales. For an example with the body spray: The company will offer a sweepstake to the first ****
Point-of-purchase (POP) display or point-of-sale (POS) display
There are special areas within the store that will have displays to promote certain items as well as item that the retail wants to move and make room for other inventory. They may be located throughout the store on the end caps and near the cash register. The retailer wants to increase their sales while the consumer is on their way to checkout or waiting in line to check out. This is a great strategy to pull in those impulse buyers as well showcase new products. Example: There is a special display for the body spray to include other items in the body spray fragrance.
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Example when the customer shops in the retail store where the body spray is , the customer will receive or coupons in the mail for extra saving within the store as a thank you for shopping with at the retailer. The strategy which is most effective for the body spray is the premium sales promotion. Most people like to receive gifts. When I do my holiday shopping for perfume or cologne and give a little something more beside a little bottle of perfume or cologne. This way a specific type of consumers are targeted buy the retailer.
In this essay we have looked at different types of consumer promotions and applied them to the body spray product. Companies are becoming increasingly creative in the types of promotions that they are offering consumers. (Raghubir, Inman, & Grande, 2004). Most consumers want to feel like they have been smart with their purchases. Other wants to feel the thrill of getting something for nothing. Sales promotions influences the consumer to buy more therefore this is a key part to increasing sales and the companies become more

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