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What did Apostle Paul advise his fellow ministers?

2nd Timothy 4:5

Endure afflictions and fulfill your ministry

Why did he advise his fellow ministers to endure?

2nd Timothy 2:3

The ability to endure is proof that we are a soldier pf Christ

Can't we avoid sufferings as ministers?

1st Peter 2:19-21

A true minister cannot avoid sufferings. This is the reason we were called, to endure sufferings just as Christ did.

What sufferings should a minister endure?

2nd Corinthians 11:27

Weariness, sleepiness, hunger, thirst, cold and nakedness

What else should we endure?

2nd Corinthians 11:26

Perils in our travels

Apart from these, what else did Apostle Paul have to endure?

2nd Corinthians 6:4-10

Pressures, necessities, being imprisoned, being put to shame, false reports.

Do true ministers lose hope if they endure sufferings?

2nd Corinthians 4:8-10

Apostle Paul was surrounded by problems but he never lost hope.

How did Apostle Paul feel about the sufferings he faced for the Church?

Colossians 1:24

He rejoiced in his sufferings since it was his share in Christ's sufferings.

What else is a minister ready for?

Philippians 2:17

He is glad and rejoices even to be poured out as an offering in service.

What should be the reason of a minister's endurance?

2nd Timothy 1:8

Because of the Gospel. We should not be ashamed to proclaim the gospel.