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What is the role of a medical assistant ?

To acquire specific knowledge base and skills while also demonstrating specific behaviors

What is an Emponym?

A person who discovered the disease or condition. (Ex: Parkinson’s diseas

What is an Acronym?

Term found from the first letter of the words in the phrase (Ex: AIDS, HIV, SARS)

What is Modern Language?

Terms derived from the English language. (Ex: nuclear medicine scanner)

What is Greek and Latin?

Terms built from Greek and Latin parts. (Ex: hepatitis, Arthritis)

What is a Word Root?

The foundation of the word that provides the meaning.

Example: arthr/joint

What is a combining vowel?

Vowel that joins a root to another root

What is a combining form?

Combination of a root and combining vowel (O is the most common)

Five Administrative Duties MA’s might perform

-Medical record prep, data review, provide resource info, office supply, equip maintenance.

Five Clinical duties MA’s might preform.

Performance of vital signs, lab tests, EKG’s, Phlebotomy procedures, Administer medicine.

What type of establishments would Medical Assistants be able to work at?

Doctors offices, urgent care centers, clinics, hospitals, billing companies, gov’t agencies.