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Why did you come to work early this morning?

I had to prepare for my presentation.

Why did you stay late last night?

I had to finish the proposal.

Why did you stop going to the gym?

I didn't have time for it.

Why didn't you attend the meeting this morning?

I had to visit a client.

Why didn't you order printer paper?

I thought we had plenty.

Why did Carl go to New York?

To meet a client.

Why did Cindy have to leave?

She had a dentist appointment.

Why did Mr. Everton decide to leave the company?

He took another job.

Why did the vice president suddenly resign?

I'm not really sure.

Which train should I take to the airport?

There's one departing at eleven from Platform Four.

Which of the two candidates should we hire?

I think the first one is better.

How long did the meeting last?

Until about two thirty.

How long does it take to get to the station?

About ten minutes.

How long is Tina going on vacation for ?

She'll be away for a week.

How long have you worked here?

Almost seven years.

How long have you been in Marimba?

About three years.

How long will you be in Brazil?

For two weeks.

How many boxes do you need?

Just one.

How many branches do you have in Europe?

Just three.

How many ink cartridges do we have left?

There should be five in the supply room.

How many people attended the seminar?

About forty.

How many people are coming to the reception?

There should be about thirty.

How many people have applied for the position?

Only a few.

How much is a taxi to the station?

About five dollors.

How much does the flight to Thailand cost?

Seven hundred dollars round trip.

How much does it cost to take the guided tour of the city?

It's forty-five dollars.

How much did these ornges cost?

Three dollars for the bag.

How much did you get done yesterday?

Quite a lot.

How much printer paper do we need?

Tow boxes will be enough.