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How often does the Number 32 bus run?

Every 10 minutes.

How often does the board of directors meet ?

At least once a month.

How often do you visit the regional headquarters?

Every other week.

How soon can we leave?

In a few minutes.

How soon can you send our order?

In two or three business days.

How soon should I reply to Mr. Sanchez?

The earlier the better.

How do you get to your office?

I usually drive.

How do I get to the conferene room?

Take the elevator to the fifth floor.

How can I get to the ferry terminal?

Take the next right, and you'll see it.

How do you usually go to the gym?

By bicycle.

How did you get to Paris from London?

By air.

How are you planning to get to Sydney?

I'm renting a car.

How can I call reception ?

Just dial nine.

How can we get in touch with each other?

By e-mail is best.

How can I get in touch with you?

Could you e-mail me?

How can I contact you while you're in Los Angeles?

Here's my mobile phone number.

How do you adjust the temperature?

Use the remote control.

How do we get reimbursed for our travel expenses?

You have to fill out a form and submit your receipts.

How is Cathy going to finish the project on time?

I have no idea.

How is your new job?

It's quite challenging.

How was the presentation?

It was very imformative.

How did your interview go yesterday?

It couldn't have gone better.

How did the meeting with Ms. Clain go?

Actually, she called earlier to reschedule.

Is this Albert Tours?

No, they're next door.

Is your hotel on Galloway Avenue?

Actually it's on Campbell Street.

Is Ms. Dickson coming to the meeting?

I think she is.

Is Mr. Turner revising the budget proposal?

I believe he is.

Is it going to rain tonight?

That's what the weather forecast said.

Is the repair person going to look at the printer today?

It's already been fixed.