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Is there a coffee shop in this building?

No, but there's one just around the corner.

Is there a copy machine on this floor?

Yes, there's one next to Susan's desk.

Is there any problem with the projector?

No, it's working fine.

Are you going to the party?

No, I'm too busy.

Are you going to the company picnic?

When is it?

Are you attending the annual conference?

Yes, I'll be there.

Are you ready to give your speech this weekend?

I've written it, but I need to rehearse it.

Are we registered for the conference?

Yes, I did it a while ago.

Were you able to get in touch with Mike?

Yes, he called me an hour ago.

Do you carry copy paper?

Sure. How much do you need?

Do you want to join us for a drink?

Where are you going?

Do you have Daniel Warden's contact information?

Yes, I'll email it to you.

Do you have any rooms available for tonight?

Sorry, we're full booked.

Do you need anything from the cafeteria?

Could you get me a soda?

Do you need a hand setting up the booth?

I can handle it , thanks.

Do you think we need umbrellas today?

Yes, it's supposed to rain.

Do we stll have catalogs?

Yes, there are some in the cabinet.

Do I need a password to use this computer?

No, you don't.

Do I have to pick up the document here?

I can send it, if you prefer.

Does this boat go to Darling Harbor?

No, you should take the one right after this.

Does Ms. Green expect me to return her call?

No, she said she'll you back.

Did you tell Helen about our meeting?

No, I thought you did.

Did you hear the news about the takeover bid?

I read about it online.

Did you have a chance to talk to Mr. Gilmore?

No, he's away on business.

Did you ask the travel agent if they can give us a discount?

No, do you think I should?

Have you seen Ms. Uchida today?

She's just gone for lunch.

Have you seen Jane today?

she called in sick.

Have you seen my briefcase?

What dows it look like?

Have you ordered more paper?

Yes, it'l be delivered on Wednesday.