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Would you like a table by the window?

Yes, that would be great.

Would you like to join us for lunch?

I'd love to, but I'm really busy today.

Would you like to play tennis after work?

No, thanks. I'm much too tired.

Would you like to help oraganize Bob's retirement party?

Yes, I would.

Would you like to attend the seminar this afternoon?

How long does it last?

Would you like me to turn on the air conditioner?

That's okay, I'll open the window.

Would you like me to send you the latest figures?

I'd really appreciate it.

Would you help me connect my computer to the printer?

Sure, let me have a look.

Would you mind showing me the file?

Sorry, it's confidential.

Why don't you talk with the marketing manager?

That's a good idea.

Why don't you come to my office this afternoon?

Okay, I'll see you then.

Why don't you take a guided tour of the city?

What time does it end?

Why don't we have lunch together?

Sure, let's do that.

Why don't we place an advertisement in the local newspaper?

Do you know how much it costs?

Why don't we postpone the meeting until Ms. Ellis comes back?

That'll be too late?

How about hiring another waiter?

That would be helful.

How about going out for dinner tonight?

Sure. Where would you like to go?

How about going to the gallery near the station?

We should have time for that.

Let's take a break and get something to eat.

Good idea. I'm getting hungry.

Let's talk about the new project this afternoon.

Sure. How about two thirty?

Let's hire a few more office assistants.

Do we have enough money?

Is Mr. Brown arriving as scheduled, or has the plane been delayed?

His flight's on time.

Is Lisa in her office, or did she go out for lunch?

I think she's in a meeting right now.

Is Paula staying in Paris for two weeks, or is she travelling somewhere else, too?

She didn't tell me her plans.

Are you taking a vacation next month, or will you wait until summer?

I'm not sure yet.

Do you have time to proofread this report, or should I ask Monica?

I can do it.

Do you want to discuss the schedule now, or shall we meet tomorrow?

I don't have time right now.

Do you want me to work overtime tonight or can I finish the report tomorrow?

I can wait until tomorrow.

Do you want to take a morning flight, or do you prefer one in the afternoon?

Whichever is cheaper?

Do you want to work in the morning , or do you prefer the last shift?

Either is fine.