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- making a left turn is prohibited
-When you see a sign with a red circle and a slash through it something is prohibited
No U Turn
- making a u-turn is prohibited
One Way Sign
- a one way street intersects with the road you are on
- you can only turn in the direction shown by the arrow
- in this case you may continue straight ahead or turn right
Speed limit sign
-Indicates the maximum speed permitted on the roadway day or night
- this case you may drive no faster than 50 miles per hour day or night
- vehicle must not exceed the shown speed limit when yellow light flashes
Slower traffic keep right
-If you are driving slower than the other vehicles you must stay in the right-hand lane
Emergency stopping only
-Hows you that the shoulder the road should only be used for emergencies
Form one line left
-Merge left into one lane of traffic
- this sign indicates that two lanes of traffic are permitted to turn left
-The center lane of this road is reserved for turning left from both direction
- you will see the sign before you reach traffic islands and medians
- Drive and stay to the right of the median
Road closed
- look for a detour or turn around and go back, if seen
- the road ahead is not open
-It tells you that the parking lane is reserved for handicapped persons only