Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving Essay

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About driving To check that you are travelling four seconds behind the vehicle infront.

One thousand and four'instead. Important When you're following anothervehicle and you don't intendto overtake them.

You must leave enough space in front of your vehicle forvehicles behind to passyou.

Unless you are passing watch for exit signs get into thecorrect exit lane inplenty of time signal for at least three seconds before youchange lanes youmust not stop your vehicle.

Two vehicles coming towards each other and turning right Two vehiclescomingtowards each other and turning right Two vehicles coming towards eachotherand turning right When two vehicles are coming towards each other andbothare turning right.

To improve your safety on the road at
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Provided: your speed is safe for the traffic conditions your speed is safe fortheroad conditions your speed is safe for the weather conditions you canstopsuddenly behind a vehicle that you're following - if a vehicle ahead of youstopssuddenly and you run into the back of it.

Vehicle type Maximum open road speed limit Heavy motor vehicles andheavymotor vehicles towing trailers 90km/h Vehicles with a gross vehicle mass*ofover 2000kg and are displaying school bus signs 80km/h Light vehiclestowingtrailers 90km/h Heavy vehicles constructed without springs or otherforms ofsuspension.

Between its road wheels and its chassis 45 km/h * Gross vehiclemass is thegreater of: the mass specified as the GVM of a particular vehicle bythe vehicle'smanufacturer the mass specified as the GVM of a particular vehicleby the NZTA.Important If a driver exceeds a permanent posted speed limit bymore

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