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Stages of the SDLC







Features of a Good MIS (management information system)



Correctly timed

Accessibe to wide range of users

Appropriate format


FTP (file transfer protocol)

A standard set of rules that have been established to show the exchange of files over the internet


A staged mathematical process which removes repeated groups of data and inconsistencies

Data warehouse

A large collection of archived data for decision making

Data mining

Interrogating the data to find patterns in the data that is stored in the warehouse ( used to determine customers most likely to buy a certain product to target them with mail)

Distributed computing

Where a series of computers are networked together and they each work on solving the same problem, each computer shares processing power and bandwidth

Relational approach to database systems includes

Data consistency

Data redundancy

Data integrity

Data independence

Factors if a good HCI (human computer interface)

Consistency of signposting and popup information.

On screen/online help information.

Differentiation for user expertise.

Layout appropriate to task.

Clear navigational structure.

Distributed database

A distributed database has data stored on a number of computers at different locations but appears as one logical database.

Advantages of distributed databases

Faster responce to user queries.

If data is lost on central site it can be reduplicated from local site.

Easy to back up and copy from one server to another.

If one server fails another can be used.

Disadvantages of distributed databases

Software more complex than a centralised database system.

Heavy reliance on networks and communications which may not always be reliable.

Increased costs due to expensive communication lines.

Security issues.


Used in jobs such as programmers or website designers.

Fits around life commitments.

Staff work more flexible hours reduces traffic.

May feel isolated from colleges

Difficult to moniter staff.

Video conferencing

Used for corporations with offices in different parts of the world.

More family time.

Reduce time spent traveling.

No need to book plane tickets.

Individuals may feel self conscious

Less likely to talk.

High hardware cost for organisation.

Poor image/sound quality can occur without reliable internet connection.