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Name three commonly used knife cuts
What items would be used in a mirepoix, and in what amounts should they be included?
Onions, 50%
Carrots, 25%
Celery, 25%
What purpose does a mirepoix serve?
It is a flavoring preparation used in stocks; also sauces,soups as well as meats and vegetables.
Name 3 basic types of stock
Beef, chicken, vegetable
Briefly describe how to prepare a beef stock.
Take 8lb of beef bones, add 1 gal cold water. Bring to a boil, slowly, then skim off what rises to the top. Simmer at a slow bubble for 6 hours. Add the mirepoix about 2-3hours before the stock is finished. Strain and cool down quickly in an ice bath.
How long should you cook a chicken stock?
2-4 hours
What is a roux and how would you make one?
A roux is a method to incorporate starch into a hot liquid.
You melt fat such as butter. Add flour and stir until mixed well. Cook to the required color.
Name the three types of roux
White, blonde, and brown
Name the five major sauces and their basic components
Bechamel= milk +white roux

Veloute= white stock +white/blonde roux

Brown sauce or espagnole=brown stock +brown roux

Tomato sauce=tomato stock + optional roux

Hollandaise = butter + egg yolks
What is clarified butter and why would you use it?
It is butter that has been purified: the water and mild solids have been removed. In cooking it will not burn as easily as regular butter.