The Importance Of Cooking Techniques In France

France is located in the continent of Europe. In Europe, France is considered as the second largest country. It is geographically positioned in the northern region as well as the eastern and western hemispheres. It is the 43rd largest nation in the world. Paris is the capital city of France. The city is bounded by different countries of Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, German, Italy, Monaco, and Spain. (worldatlas, 20015)
Historically, the French culture was influenced by Celtic and Gallo-Roman cultures as well as the Franks. The word “culture” came from the same French term, which derives from the Latin colere, which means to tend to the earth and develop, cultivation and nurture. (Zimmermann, 2015)
French people are very passionate for their
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The techniques used in preparing dishes are different and unique from each other. The strategies utilized as a part of setting up a dish can influence what the dish is similar to as much if not more than the fixings themselves. (, 2015) French cooking Techniques is the base for most of the western cuisine. They have adopted basic techniques and method from French cuisine, simply because the French were the first to document and write the cooking procedure. Cooking techniques such as Sautéing, Poaching, Braising, Flambéing, etc. make the food unique and enhance the flavor and taste as well. Braising of food requires dry and moist heat. Food is served at very high heat so that the natural juice presented in the food mix with the flavor and then finished with a covered pot. Braising depend on the moisture level, temperature and the time required to break down the meats collagen. French style of cooking comprises of simmering the food slowly in the liquid. The liquid used is usually milk, stock, wine, or water. Poaching helps the food from being dry out or fall apart. It enhance the food taste and provide flavor because of the herbs and spices used while poaching the …show more content…
French butter is very essential ingredient used to make many of the traditional dishes. It is often fermented regularly so that it give an extra flavor to the food. Butter is used in making sauces because it has microbes added to provide acidic taste. It is also used for sautéing, for baking, and for pastry making, etc.
Dijon mustard are used in sauce. It has a pale yellow color with soft and smooth consistency and pungent flavor. Fleur du sel is a first white crystals in the salt formation method. Which started more than 2700 years ago most used in Guerande peninsula in Brittany. Some chefs believes that it taste much better than salt.
French is one of the largest cheese producing country. There are around 500 different varieties of French cheese. Cheese is often considered as a mark of a restaurants quality.
Brown onions is the key ingredient for many of the dishes such as French onion soup. Garlic, chives are the member of onion families. (Rothman, 2013) “Onion gives a sweet and earthy flavor to many cooked dishes and contributes a spicy accent when served raw”. Celeriac is a type of celery which is cultivated for its taproot and not for its stems and leaves

Uses of wines in French

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