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leader of the Italian black shirts who believes in fascism and took power by marching into Rome
Benito Mussolini
name of Benito Mussolini's rule, meaning the "leader"
Il Duce
an authoritarian government, where nothing is better than the good of the nation
state created to control all aspects of life
leader of Ethiopia, who complains to the league of nations but they don't do anything to help
Haile Selassie
leader of the Soviet Union, who created a totalitarian state with the five years plan and the great purge
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin's attempt to modernize and industrialize the Soviet Union
Five-Year Plans
collecting of farms, which caused farmers to be sent to Gulags
place where the Gulag camps are located, but they don't officially exist
prisoner camps in Siberia, where people are sent when they don't obey (example: Kulaks)
reign of Joseph Stalin, when he attempts to get rid of anyone who is his political enemy
Great Purge (Great Terror)
leader creates a government, where civilians are taught to worship and follow them
cult of personality
leader of the German brown shirts, who tries to take over the government and writes "Mein Kampf" during Der Fuhrer
Adolf Hitler
government in charge after World War I
Weimar Republic
fascist party, who Hitler wants to join in Germany
Nazi Party
autobiography of Hitler explaining his nationalism, written while he was in prison
Mein Kampf
race described in "Mein Kampf" when Germans will take over
race, aka "Aryans" that will control Germany
master race
name of Adolf Hitler's rule
false belief that Jews were a separate race
laws that created separate legal status for German Jews, eliminating their citizenship and many civil and property rights
Nuremberg Laws
attack on the night of broken glass, where Hitler killed many Jews